Sixteen Dancing Girls, 15 Costumes. The title goes back to my time as a waiter in Richmond (I was a terrible waiter) At the piano bar where I worked, nightly entertainment was provided by Jimmie Sanders. Though he is not listed on the Wikipedia page, the claim was he was one of the original Ink Spots. Between and even during raucous versions of Jazz standards, Jimmie would welcome guests with lines like, “Mr. Frank Sinatra, Mr. Sinatra is in the house tonight.” My favorite line, that has stuck with me for all these years was, “Sixteen dancing girls, 15 costumes”. Ultimately, the piece reflect the enigma of my inner world opposed to my outer self.  View all images.

Below is a gallery of paintings I’ve created, ranging from the late 1980’s until 2017.  I’ve included some details to clarify content and technique.  My painting is cathartic and to some degree, narrative.  I iconize experiences and events which are reflective of my personal experience and social attitude.

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My paintings are mostly created utilizing acrylic paints.  I sometimes utilize found imagery and appropriated images.  I have often used collage, especially in paintings from the early 2000’s.  I am currently not represented by a gallery and would welcome exhibition opportunities in Oregon, Washington, and California.